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I have a passion for coaching, in all its forms; life, business, athletic, career, relationship, corporate, the list can go on. It includes coaching people at various stages of their life; from teens to seniors and all ages in between. I have spent the past fifteen years creating a coaching practice that focuses on assisting individuals and organizations in the creation new growth opportunities both professionally and personally.


Coaching is my passion, and it has been playing out my entire life. It is something I am highly enthusiastic and about and highly energized to share. It is not something I do; it is who I am. I sincerely feel it is my life’s purpose.


Many years ago, I created a Time & Energy Management Planner, titled The GYST (Get Your Self Together) System. It is designed to not only be a tool to write down your scheduled tasks and appointments, but to also help you focus on what is truly most important. It has been helping people gain control of their time, better utilizing their energies towards the things that will best help them move forward in life. Along with the GYST I have created other tools to help people become more aware of what is most important to them and better manage their days, weeks, and lives. I have also recently published a book on attitude.


Prior to pursuing my passion for coaching I spent over 20 years in corporate supervision and management in the semiconductor industry beginning in production, and then specializing in employee development and training. Through those years of witnessing amazing technological advances and changes to corporate cultures and expectations placed on employees I gained an understanding of people and what it takes to inspire action. In that time, I created numerous communication skills, management development, time management, and work skills classes and programs. I also served different education advisory boards focusing on engineering development and supervisory management curriculums.


Enough about me. As I mentioned in the beginning, I have a passion for coaching, which brings us to you. If you are feeling “stuck”, at a lost for what to next in your life, or just want to be even better at what you do, maybe it is time to get begin working with me as your coach.