Listen To What

Clients Say 

Every situation in life and business brings it own unique obstacles and challenges. As a result, there is no a cookie cutter method to achieving what we desire. My goal as a coach is to provide a space where you can freely express yourself, think in ways you may have not thought before, create  remarkable ideas, and take actions you may not possible so you can generate the life and an organization that you envision.


Charlie Martin

Commercial Real
Estate Broker

To consult with Kevin Gifford about my business has been rewarding, not only in promoting success in my business, but in all aspects of my life. Kevin is truly a life coach.

Rhonda Mills

Weight Management

Kevin was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Colorado. I left everything I knew; family, friends, business, to start my life over with my 3 kids. Kevin was instrumental in helping me organize my thoughts and then actions to figure out what path was going to build for myself. His listening skills and encouragemnt are second to none. He is definitely someone you want on your team when it's time to get yourself to a new 'station' in life. My eternal thanks!

Teri Adams-Fjellaman

Custom Jeweler

I had the opportunity of taking a series of classes with Kevin. There were about 10 of us from different types of industry. Kevin has a plethora of business knowledge! Each class was enjoyable, and I gained valuable information. His presentation style mixed with just the right amount of humor made doing to the classes something I looked forward to each week. I still refer back to the workbook and some exercises I do each New Year. Kevin is able to to cut through all the muck and get to the root of every challenge. I would recommend Kevin Gifford Coaching to only those that are willing to take an honest look at their business challenges. Kevin’s extensive background, his attention to detail, and his ability to intuitively see beneath every problem makes him a business coach above all others.

BJ Burns

Residential Real
Estate Agent

Kevin is an amazing life coach. He has helped me get my life on track, both mentally and physically. He helps me stay focused, plus helping me keep balance in my life also. I cannot imagine where my life would be without his guidance.