The GYST Planning System

In today’s choice-challenged environment, the absence of an effective self-management tool can leave you with a sense of overwhelm and lack-of-control throughout your day and week.  Your highest priority activities that create the most value for you are often put off while you deal with other distractions.  When effort isn’t aligned with an individual’s top, value-based priorities, it becomes increasingly easy to keep busy with unimportant things. Even modern-day technologies, intended to liberate us, often trap us in an onslaught of information and clutter. As a result, rather than responding proactively to the highest priorities and what is truly important, we often become distracted and feel pressure to react to situations perceived as urgent.


Life's Hectic Pace and the Urgency Addiction


Consider the following statistics:

  • Less than one in five people begins the day with a plan
  • Only 37% of those who make a task list prioritize their tasks
  • Less than half of professionals feel satisfied with their work


Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping to be filled with stress, overwhelmed with tasks and activities that don’t produce results, getting caught in the whirlwind of other people's crises, and the urgencies created due to lack of planning. Without a clear vision of our priorities we are easily distracted by emails, text messages, social media pages, websites, and other things that don’t produce the outcomes we desire. As a result:


  • We never take time to define what we value most
  • We spend our days "putting out fires"
  • We become addicted to a false sense of heroism always doing things for others first


Focus on Results, Not Just Being Busy


Even with the convenience of smart-phones, cloud-based calendars, time management apps, and other high-tech tools, there is a tendency to not stay on task with our schedule and priorities.  Writing down your schedule and “to-dos” has a special way of anchoring you, even as your thoughts race across the page.  Focusing on paper gives the ability to concentrate and stay with your thoughts longer. 


The capacity to concentrate on a project or task is common to all successful people.  The GYST planning system is designed to help you be more aware of your schedule, and your most important priorities and agreements.  By increasing this awareness, you can more effectively plan your time, with the idea of scheduling what is most important to you first.  By filling your schedule with YOUR priorities, that are in line with your values, you will discover you are living a more productive, energized, and fulfilled life.


With consistent usage, you will discover the GYST planner is a dynamic tool keeping you focused on what is most important to you. It is a 2-page per week planner. The left page shows every day of the week, providing you space to schedule your daily activities in 15-minute segments from 6am to 9pm.  The right page provides you space to record the attitude you choose for each day, your highest priorities, values, daily habits, gratitude, celebrations, and notes. There are pages for you to clearly define Goals, and to clarify your Core Values. In the back of the planner there are extra pages for you to record notes.

Don’t hesitate, act now to begin gaining more control of your time and life. Order a GYST planner and discover what it can do for you.

The 2021 GYST Planning System






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